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Product or Service Names

Naming your product or service is a complex, strategic exercise that should not be driven by engineering or the bosses secretary. With so much at stake, DriveThruNamesTM brings third-party objectivity, deep expertise, and a proven name development process to each assignment, for often breakthrough results.

We keep the product naming process simple and easy. All you have to do is provide some information upfront, by completing the Input Survey Form, and feedback on names emailed to you for review. DriveThruNames does the rest. For more information, read our resource articles including Guide to Naming: Ten Steps to Effective Business or Product Naming or Guide to Naming: What's Your Name Type? located at our Naming Resources page.  Our product/service naming process has numerous steps and activities including:

  • Evaluation and research of your market segment or industry category
  • Customer analysis and profiling
  • Evaluation of competitors names, taglines, messaging and positioning
  • Mapping competitor names by name type
  • Key word research and development
  • Positioning analysis and development
  • Preliminary name candidate generation
  • Name scoring and ranking  using 10 criteria
  • Trademark screening using USPTO database
  • Preliminary name report emailed
  • Evaluation of your feedback, additional research as required
  • Additional name candidate generation, scoring, ranking and trademark screening
  • Preliminary domain name search
  • Final name report with strategic naming recommendations emailed

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