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Internal Names

Often companies develop a list of candidate names internally. While it's possible that strong, viable names can emerge from this process, more often internal names are ineffective due to bias, politics, or lack of a strategic process. 
      DriveThruNamesTM has established a service offering to objectively evaluate internally developed names, rank and score these names, and submit strategic naming recommendations. We accomplish this exercise at a much lower price point than a full naming project, but add value to your process. For an article on internally developed names, Name Development Tips: Help for Internal Names  on the Naming Resources page.
     When you have at least 10 internally developed names that you feel have good potential, DriveThruNames can review these names and undertake the following activities:
  • Evaluation of your market segment or industry category
  • Customer analysis and profiling
  • Evaluation of competitors names, taglines, messaging and positioning
  • Mapping competitor names by name type
  • Key word research and development
  • Positioning analysis and development
  • Internally developed name scoring and ranking using 10 criteria
  • Trademark screening using USPTO database
  • Preliminary domain name search
  • Strategic naming report with recommendations emailed

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