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Business Names

Naming your new business, company or corporation, or re-naming an established business is a complex, strategic exercise that should not be relegated to internal contests, computer-generated names or subjective opinions. With so much at stake, DriveThruNamesTM brings third-party objectivity, deep expertise, and a proven name development process to each assignment to achieve breakthrough results.
     We keep the business naming process simple and easy. All you have to do is complete a Input Survey upfront, and Feedback Survey on names emailed to you for review. DriveThruNames does the rest. For more information, read our resource articles including Guide to Naming: Ten Steps to Effective Business or Product Naming  or Guide to Naming: What's Your Name Type? located at our Naming Resources page. Our business naming process has numerous steps and activities including:
  • Evaluation and research of your market segment or industry category
  • Customer analysis and profiling
  • Evaluation of competitors names, taglines, messaging and positioning
  • Mapping competitor names by name type
  • Key word research and development
  • Positioning analysis and development 
  • Preliminary name candidate generation
  • Name scoring and ranking using 10 criteria
  • Trademark screening using USPTO database
  • Preliminary name report emailed
  • Evaluation of your feedback, additional research as required
  • Additional name candidate generation, name scoring, ranking and trademark screening
  • Preliminary domain name search 
  • Final name report with strategic naming recommendations emailed

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